by Mark My Words

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released March 20, 2015

Oscar Lemos - Vocals
Nestor Carbajal - Guitar
Fernando Alvarez - Bass
Vincent Alvarez - Drums

Recorded by Nestor Carbajal



all rights reserved


Mark My Words Lancaster, California

Spirit Filled / Melodic / Progressive / Djent. We're a Hope bringing band, Here to share the love of God. Follow us, Talk to us, & come to our shows!

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Track Name: Isaiah 60
Arise Jerusalem
Let your light shine for all to see
For the glory of the Lord rises to shine on you
Darkness as black as the night covers all the nations of the earth
All nations will come to your light

Let your light shine upon us
Track Name: Shine
I look to you and your light shines bright
I never thought I’d be in the presence of life
I see visions of the night
You gave yourself to be crucified
Blameless in every way
A righteous sacrifice

How could you everything to a world that has turned it’s back?
A world that would only deny your existence?

Yet you give yourself freely
Without resistance
The full embrace of your grace and mercy
There is no greater love than you
Unworthy yet you love me

I can’t help but surrender myself
I give you my all (i give you my all)
I lift my hands
I fall to my knees
Your will be done (x2)

With every step I make
And every breath I take
Your always there to catch me when I fall down

You’re always there to catch me when I fall down

Light of the world shine upon me
Light of the world shine upon us
Light of the world shine upon me
Light of the world shine

Your love endures forever
Track Name: My Strength
I walk alone
With no one to my side
Darkness has taken my light
I’m lost but not hopeless

I walk to a place of holy
Only to walk out again
Lord hear my cry
Show me the way

For the times I have failed
This will be my act of redemption
My faith is my strength
This is something you can never take from me
This is all I have

My prayers don’t fall on deaf ears

I am now at the top
The view from here is nothing like I’ve seen before
Nothing like I’ve felt before

Whats your strength?

My faith is my strength
This is something you can’t take from me
This is all I have
This is all I am
My faith is my strength

Whats your strength? (x4)
Track Name: Break These Chains
Forgive me
For my flesh is weak
Give me the strength

Give me the strength, the courage
Lift me up from this


Bound by the chains of sin I’ve reached a dead end
There’s no way out (x3)
Fallen where I stand
I have fought with every ounce of strength I have

There’s no way out
I look to the sky my God speaks
The way, the truth, the life

His grace is enough for us
His strength is made perfect in our weakness

His grace is enough for me
His strength is made perfect in my
In my weakness

I don’t need you
I don’t need this
With my head held high this where you end

I am now free this
I’ll leave it behind
But keep it in mind
By God i stand beside

Break these chains
I am free
Track Name: I Will
I was once held down but now I’m free
I will never be held down again

I will never give up
I will never give in
This is where I stand
I wont stray from the path
I am a son of God
I will overcome anything in my path

I can feel the waters rising
Oh God give me the strength
To overcome any obstacles in my way
With you by my side
I will conquer all my trials
I will never let the depths engulf me

I’ll keep my head above water

God you’re my strength
I’ll never be broken again
Track Name: Redefined
God I'm on my knees today
I'm praying for a change
Save me from myself
Cause I can't do this on my own

No longer will I be overcomed by the current of the storm
I'll keep my eyes set ahead and walk the waves
Though it may seem hopeless we keep pushing forward
We focus our eyes to the sky (to the skies)
My faith, my hope in the hands that saved me from myself

Everything that once held me down has lost it’s grip
All weight has been lifted from my shoulders

Breath life in me
Lover of my soul
I will never forget your love
Resurrect my spirit

The past is left behind me it serves a reminder of what I have been freed from
This is a new life we lead
These are the times that define us
Rise up
Against the the struggles
Against the pain 
Against the hate
Let god and let go

No longer do I live
But Christ lives through me
Track Name: For What Its Worth
You have always been so near
Now I see so clear

Through your mercy and pain
The victory is what we gain
Exalt your name
But never in shame

The path you laid for me
To you God, What am I worth?

You sent your only son to die for us on the cross
Your blood was shed
Never in vain
Forgive us for we did not know your pain and suffering

Take my life

I surrender everything to you
My plans for yours
Your voice be heard to reach out to this world
To those who are lost show them the light
Show them that we mean everything to you

Can you use even me?

What am I worth? (x2)

You are worth the suffering and sacrifice of my only son
Your love is never ending

I am here with open arms

My heart stands true for this we sing to you
Your grace runs through our veins
Forever more our God reigns